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How do I sign up for the message boards???

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former Tech Admin
How do I sign up??

Click on the register link in the navigation bar above http://passboards.org/register.php . That will bring up a new page on which you must read and agree to the site rules... remember to check the box that says "I have read, and agree to abide by the PASS Support Boards rules."
Now you have to choose a user name... remember that some names are too upseting to some people here and will be rejected by the server.. If you get an error message with your user name.. try thinking up another one.
Next, you need to select a password. It should be over 5 characters (numbers/letters/symbols) long. Remember that if you choose one all capital letters or a blend of capital and lower case letters, when you retype it, you'll need the same case (upper/lower or blend)
Now we need a valid email address in order to activate your account.
What if I don't have an e-mail address?
Many sites offer free email accounts... try getting an Passhugs.com account (see the main page afterabortion.com for more information on passhugs.com) or try hotmail.com or yahoo.com or http://www.myownemail.com/moe4/login/default.cfm where you can come up with your 'own' .com email address.
Why am I required to ...umm... declare my gender?
As abortion is a very senstive topic and many of our members have complex issues surrounding their abortion, we ask that you let people know whether they are 'talking' to a male or female to avoid any confusion or hurt feelings.
Now all thats left is to select your time zone and whether or not you wish to allow e-mails from the administators and other members.
You should now be registered and a confirmation email will be sent to you.. you will not be able to post until your account is activated.

How do I activate my account
Go to the email account you provided us in your registration (see above) and look for a confirmation email from [email protected] or the Pass Support Site. Follow the directions given in that email and click on the URL provided in the link.. amd..Voila! you're activated :)
If you don't get an e-mail within 12 hours (allowing for really slow server days) 1st check your spam/junk mail folder (if using hotmail or yahoo! mail) and then check your acount options to see if you can put passboards.org on your 'safe list'. If after doing this, you still can't access the site, please send an email to [email protected] and our tech support will try to get every thing straightened out.. remember you'll need the exact user-name that you registered with for them to be able to help you out.

How do I log in/log out?
To log in, look up at the top of the forums index page. There should be a space in the top header, and to the right of the page, that has 2 boxes, one for user name and one for your password. Fill in both exactly as you did when you signed up to the site then click the log in button. Unchecking the 'remember me' box will require you to you sign in every visit, whereas leaving the 'remember me' box will automatically log you in every time your computer accesses the site. If you are concerned about your privacy, share a computer or access the site from someone else's computer, you should uncheck the box.
To log out, look up to that same header you logged in on... you should see a space that says "Welcome, (your name here). You last visited etc..." just below this in the dark blue bar there is a link called 'log out'.. click here and follow instructions..

How do I clear cookies/history/ensure my privacy on a shared computer?
If you are using Internet Explorer, look to the very top toolbar of your browser window, find where it says "Tools". Click the Tools heading and then click where it says "Internet Options". This will pull up a dialogue box. Here there should be a button to clear your history. Click that and your entire history will be cleared, This will also clear your locationbar from the IE window. If you just want to clear it from your history, open IE and then click the "History" icon. A bar will pop up on the left hand side of your browser window, here you can find all the pages you have viewed for that day/week/month/etc. You can right click and delete from this menu as well if you prefer.
If you are using Netscape, go to "Edit" and choose "preferences." Then click on "Clear Location Bar" (this will clear out the bar that you type things into so that it doesn't come up when someone types in a location that starts with A. You can also, in that same section, hit "Clear History" and the site won't show up in the sites visited file. Finally, if you want it to never show up and never stay in the location bar set "Pages in history to expire after ____ days" to 0. This will stop previously visited websites from going dark (you know how if you go to a search engine and have a list of websites, the ones you've already been to will be a darker color? That will stop.) but if you want the most security that you can get on a computer used by others, that will do it.

To clear cookies...there are two ways. Either through the browser or through My Computer.
To clear them through the browser, you just go to the top toolbar on the browser window, to where it says "Tools" then scroll to where it says "Internet Options" and look for temporary internet files and cookies. You should have an option to clear all cookies.
To claer them through My Computer (on windows systems) , go to My Computer, then Control Panel, then Internet Options... look for temporary internet files and cookies. You should have an option to clear all cookies.
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