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[Emotional Pain] Just need a chat with someone

Discussion in 'Guest Board' started by Anon124568899, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Hey, I'm guessing many may have watched eastenders tonight. The storyline was so traumatic it made me think straight away about how I had an abortion and how I removed my baby when other people out there have to face things like that situation or even not being able to have children. I can't explain how it makes me feel. I was 17 at the time and the guy just didn't speak to me and disappeared which left me thinking I can't bring up a kid on my own. From that day it destroyed me and I've never been the same since. I really just needed to express this 1-2 friends know but i couldn't talk to them. I am 19 now but still hurts me.
  2. Buckette

    Buckette Oldie Staff Member Administrator Technical Administrator Super Moderator Moderator SRG Manager SRG Leader Moderator Manager SRG A5 SRG B5 SRG C5 SRG D5 SRG F5 SRG G5 Junior Support Specialist Manager Sapphire Emerald

    Nov 10, 2009
    I hope you've registered for an account so that you can join us on the main boards, hun. If you haven't, please do. You are far from alone and being able to talk to people who understand and have been there (or are in exactly the same place) can really help.