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[Emotional Pain] My Story

Discussion in 'Guest Board' started by Unregistered, May 18, 2016.

  1. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Literally I have no idea where to begin.

    I'm 25 years old was in a long distance relationship for two years and found out I went to visit him in February the last night we spent together he got physical with me, hit me and bit me. We were just recovery from the fight when I found out I was pregnant in March. When I called to tell my boyfriend I took a pregnancy test and it was positive he didn't believe me, I understand the initial shock, but from that point forward everything became an argument with him. I tried to talk to him about our options regarding the pregnancy and he responded "I don't know why we're even talking about this before you go to planned parenthood and find out." I was torn apart and the conversation ended with him saying "You figure out what you want to do. I need some space. Please don't tell anyone about this."

    We lived 1,000 miles apart - space? Really? And I'm supposed to keep my mouth shut and get no support from him? So that's what I did. I kept my mouth shut, I went through everything by myself.

    I told him I thought the best decision for us was to have an abortion he didn't have any opinion whatsoever. I asked him to help pay for the cost he believed I should pay for it myself, so I swallowed my pride and ended up asking my high school boyfriend to help pay for it, which he did.

    I went through with the abortion never once hearing from my boyfriend. All I wanted was for him to tell me he loved me or he supported me. But no. I was scared I didn't know if what was going on was "normal" yet I continued to go to school every day and pretend that everything was okay.

    After the follow up appointment. I called my boyfriend to talk to him and tell him everything was over. The next day he called and broke up with me. I found out he had been cheating on me for the past three months of our relationship with his new girlfriend.

    I hit rock bottom. I became severely depressed. I stopped eating. I lost 20 pounds. I can't even begin to understand how someone can be so cowardly. I can't help but think if I would have kept the pregnancy the situation would be different. I feel like a piece of me has died. I have opened up to my friends about this, but for some reason I can't shake it. I still want to be with this guy. I saw a future with him and believe if things would have gone differently we would still be together. I'm lost.
  2. Trigeo

    Trigeo Tree-G, The Serial Poster Staff Member Administrator Technical Administrator Super Moderator Moderator Support Specialist Manager SRG Leader SRG A5 SRG B5 SRG C5 SRG G5 SRG H5 Rainbow Sapphire Flip Flops Moon Wave Sunflower Dolphin Balloon Emerald Heart Flower Dark Blue Canada Leaves Angel

    Nov 6, 2010
    Hun, I'm so sorry for all you've been through. I suggest you register for an account; your posts here on the guest board can only be viewed by volunteers and administrators but on the main boards you will find an entire community of compassionate people, each with a story and each who can relate and lend you support.
  3. Miss Chip

    Miss Chip Self confessed chocoholic! Staff Member Administrator Technical Administrator Moderator SRG Leader Tech Support SRG A5 SRG C5 SRG D5 SRG E5 SRG F5 SRG H5 Candle Balloon Emerald

    Dec 26, 2009
    Hi there! I'm so sorry to hear of what you have been through. Please do register here with us and you'll be able to talk to many women who have struggled with their abortions. You aren't alone.
  4. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Im sorry to hear what you been through. I can completely understand what you been through. I been through somewhat exactly the same thing. Ill tell you life gets better. Good things will happen for you and he will get his karma. Just focus on yourself and how to make yourself better. He did you the favor of leaving your life. You were never meant to be with him. By him leaving your life you have room and time to better yourself and make a better life for yourself. Don't be discouraged and definitely don't feel down about it. Take out your anger and frustration in positive forms. I started with going to the gym and doing outdoor activities with friends. I surrounded myself with good and positive friends that truly love me. Start living for yourself. Become selfish; put yourself first. Theres a better plan set in motion for you just be patient and it will reveal itself in due time :)